the corner office

a blog, by Colin Pretorius

About The Corner Office

The Corner Office is a personal blog which is sometimes a journal, sometimes a place for me to have opinions, sometimes a place to record things or link to things that'll entertain or be interesting to the few friends and family who remember to visit it.

The blog started in 2003, and the flavour of the blog has changed over the years. It used to house technical content, but that now happens on a tech blog, it's been fairly political at times, but most of that has been edited away because life's too short to waste on politics. I still write about my life and things that interest me, but feel less compelled to share (or over-share) than I once did. It allows me to scratch a writing itch, though admittedly, these days the writing itches are few and far between.

About the name

The name was a play on the whole corporate ladder thing - when the blog started I was a partner in a small dotcom startup, a nascent t-shirt-and-shorts-to-the-office geek and still recent escapee from the world of Big 5 Accounting and Big IT consulting.

But at the same time I did actually have a corner office in our cheaply rented offices, anything but plush. It ended up being a place where colleagues would gather to talk tech stuff, talk nonsense and generally shoot the breeze. It seemed like an apropos name at the time, and my blog has been called "The Corner Office" ever since.

It lived at for about 13 years, until I moved it to my personal domain in 2019. I decided to keep the name, because why not?

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