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Demon of the day. Charon. Ferryman across the Styx. The name of a big-ass ship in Eve Online, and also as in 'the Cephalopodic Charon, whisking the souls of the dabblers in the occult and the gullible to hell'.

For verily, Paul must be a false prophet; why for sure Jesus can predict the outcome of football matches, but He ain't telling. What's more, it is not the Lord's style to have fun with humanity, not least by imbuing an octopus with the urge to pick the winningest noms. Therefore, I say to you, believers in that tentacled tempter, your souls are in peril and the Beast chortles as you marvel, pondering a sneaky flutter as its appendages start flopping into bin A or bin B. Turn or burn. Turn or burn.

(I must go study now.)

{2010.07.12 15:21}

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