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Wow. I'm doing the final bits of prep before switching over to the new blog location. One of the things on my list was "redirects". As in, check the apache docs for how to do them and be ready to switch over the server config. I knew I'd set it up before but was quite surprised when I went to check my apache config on the web server.

It had this:

# virtual host config for
# 2006.03.22 CP

<VirtualHost *>

... and then a ton of redirects for all the various flavours of urls from the older Domino versions of the blog. And server aliasing and a lot more.

That config's been copied over from server to server, hosting provider to hosting provider, and there it is, 13 years later. I have no memory of putting together all that config, no recollection that I'd once known how to do it.

I wonder how many of those old redirects still get triggered. Just looking at access logs today, I saw some web crawler requests for site urls which disappeared 4 years ago. Nothing would surprise me.

{2019.06.14 21:50}

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