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.Net 5

Microsoft has announced .Net 5.

I've been using C# and F# at work for years now, but it's taken some time for me to start favouring .Net at home. These days though it's solid on Linux, the tooling is decent, and as much as I prefer Kotlin over Java for my Java-based projects, I prefer F# (or falling back to C#) over Kotlin for new projects and tinkerings.

I was reading old posts on Miguel de Icaza's blog the other day and remembered how much the open source world hated .Net in the early 00's, and how distrustful everyone was of Microsoft. At the time that wasn't an irrational position. In the end Mono didn't end up being some evil destroy-Linux trojan, and these days .Net Core is open-sourced, everything happens on github, and nobody worries about evil Microsoft planning to shake everyone down eventually (cf. Java). It's ironic how much Microsoft aren't the bad guys anymore.

{2019.05.06 17:51}

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