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Windows It Is

I lasted a little over a month, but finally gave up on Linux and switched to Windows 10. I enjoyed using Xubuntu, but there were a few frustrations, like erratic support for my bluetooth headphones, a random crash (not something I'm used to with Linux), and fiddly printer set-up, and an overly sensitive wireless mouse, and finally, very disappointing Intellij performance that I just didn't have the energy to try and troubleshoot.

That, and despite me preparing the family for ages ("this is going to be a Linux PC, so your Windows stuff will stay on the laptop"), when it came down to it, I didn't feel that what I was gaining from using Linux was worth it, given what everyone else at home was missing out on.

(Ironically, after switching to Windows, Ronwen said 'I miss Xubuntu'. The eldest has his Roblox on Windows, so he's happy. So perhaps we'll switch the laptop over to Xubuntu instead).

Beyond that, I have to grudgingly admit that Windows 10 is pretty solid, and with VirtualBox, and the performance and memory on this machine, using Linux VMs is not an issue, so Windows doesn't prevent me from using as much Linux as I'd like.

{2017.11.28 21:40}

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