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Return to Eve

Over the Christmas break I was a little bored, and along came the This is Eve (Uncensored) trailer. Between the graphics and the rousing music and expletive-ridden yee-haws I thought 'hey, why not?' and signed up again.

It didn't take long before I got back to my trading ways. Things have changed - the last time I played I went for about a year being able to fund the monthly subs fee from in-game trading profits. Plex is a lot more expensive now, and profits a little scarcer.

The world has changed in other ways too. No more cache scraping for market data, all available through REST calls. Very nifty. Needless to say I'm spending more time hacking away on an API client and data shuffling than I am playing the game.

More to follow.

{2015.01.14 15:21}

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