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A nip and a tuck

It's a pity - with very few exceptions I've managed to avoid having gaps in my monthly archive list, but September just went *poof*.

Ironically, I wasn't entirely idle... the blog software isn't something I'm inclined to devote too much time to, but it needed a few things doing, and to make it all happen I needed an easier way to set things up and drop in changes. So I set up one VM wired up much like the one at my hosting provider. Then I set up another VM (Crunchbang, for the heck of it) which thinks that my domain names point to the first VM, so I could test redirects and virtual hosts etc etc. And then some scripts to push the right bits and bobs on the right place on the prep and real hosts.

Then a tweaked CSS file which is something that's needed doing for a while, and which has been made much easier with Chromium and Firefox's built-in web dev tools. I haven't done anything resembling web development in many many many years, and while Firebug was pretty good back then, the world has come a long way. It was fun spending a few nights tweaking the CSS and experimenting, but it did remind me why it's not my day job. Anyhow, two open source web browsers and they're both awesome. So here it is: voila!

{2012.10.28 21:58}

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