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Thee 2011 Tech Review

Each year I do a review of what I've done technically. 2010 wasn't that exciting, 2011 even less. I think my pet projects stagnated in March. Between studies and a busy year at work, I did next to nothing tech-wise at home. Mostly because of time, but partly just being all coded out from work.

Work is where the interesting stuff has been, as usual I don't talk too much about that. I've gotten my fingers a little dirtier with Python, though it's still largely a case of Google-on-one-screen-code-on-the-other when cranking out scripts. Python is great to get stuff done quickly, but I still prefer Java for heavy lifting.

I'm not going to bother about 2012 goals yet, that kinda depends on how exams go. If exams don't go well it's going to be more of the same. Even if they do go well, after the past year, there's a good chance 2012 will be spent playing computer games and little else. Then again, I'm sure I've said that before...

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