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And behold, I am reborn

Until an hour ago this blog was accessible via I did the magic Apache and Tomcat tweakery and voila, links/ is now permanently redirected to tech/, and a neglected link blog has become a hopefully-not-to-be-neglected tech blog.

I said I was going to do it, then promptly put it off. I realised this evening while googling for an entry on my own link blog tonight and finding nothing, that Google had been visiting my site when I briefly played around with permanent redirects two weeks ago. The permanent redirect was enough for Google to decide that the old blog was gone, but since there wasn't a new blog (yet), it got itself a bit stuck. Hopefully now that everything's nicely re-jigged, I'll be able to start searching this blog again. Hellooo, Google!

{2009.07.28 18:27}

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