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Snow, Scotland and more snow

The Beast turned out to be beastly, with small doses of Snowmageddon all round. Normally this would be awesome and happiness would abound, but the Friday snow storm after my last blog post meant our planned Saturday trip to Scotland got derailed a little.

Fear of Death By Ice And Blizzards meant we almost didn't go. In the end, after a few hours of monitoring at the Control Center (a dozen browser tabs of weather reports, highway incident maps and traffic cams all the way up the country), and with a little reassurance from other people who said it'd be fine and that we weren't completely insane, we set off on Saturday afternoon. The roads turned out to be fine, we stayed over in a Premier Inn on the way which was a great adventure for the boys, and we finished off the trip on Sunday, treated to snow-covered Pennines with almost nobody else on the roads.

Scotland was stunning. We've been in the UK for 11 years, and this was the first time we'd made it to Scotland. It's fair to say we'd like to go back again and again. As much as other parts of the UK are beautiful, Scotland felt like a place apart. And we only got as far as Argyll. The snow also meant that our loch-side views were extra-special, with snow-covered hills and mountains in the distance.

We returned, had a quiet week, and then had a mini-Beast this weekend, with even more snow. I expect that I'm now done with snow reporting for the year.

{2018.03.21 19:20}

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