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One Month

One month since the vote. It's been quite a ride.

After double dealings and high intrigue and back-stabbing and front-stabbing, the Tories very quickly sorted themselves out, slapped a blue rosette on Theresa May's coffin lid, and hey presto, a new government with the country's second female prime minister.

As for Labour. Well... bordering on the surreal, it makes for good TV, if nothing else. It baffles me that middle class lefties still root for Corbyn, despite it being so clear to everyone except said lefties that Corbyn can shoulder a fair portion of blame for us now leaving the EU, and that this is an outcome with which he and cronies like McDonnell are perfectly happy. But I said I didn't want to get caught up in Brexit talk, so no more from me on that front.

Still, it would be nice for the government to have an opposition other than the Tory backbenches, some day.

{2016.07.23 09:55}

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