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A new blog

The problem with having your own blog software is that you have to look after it. The software running my blog was something I wrote nearly a decade ago, and it's been many a year since I've done anything resembling web development. For the most part, it hasn't been much of a hassle, but the occasional hosted server upgrade was a real schlep, and a few too many spammers were getting through the old blog's comment defenses.

So I needed to do some work, and I decided it was time for a long-intended rewrite and simplification. The old app is gone, and in its place an app which builds up a static set of pages locally. More boring details will crop up on my tech blog.

Apart from cleaning things up a bit (like the archives), it should mostly look and work the same. One thing which I haven't rolled out yet is the reworked comments system. For now, the blog doesn't support comments - it'll come soon enough.

{2015.11.08 15:08}

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