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Ode to glass kettles

We all die with regrets. We go through life saying 'ooh I wish I'd done X' or 'ooh I wish I'd gotten Y'. And so it was with me after seeing a glass kettle at a friend's house. 'Ooh I'd really like a glass kettle', I'd say (frequently), and for ages it was a life's regret in the making. But then our existing kettle died, and I decided it was time to take the plunge, and we got a glass kettle, and we've never looked back.

We've had it for a while now, but tonight I was looking at it and reminded again about how great it is and how much improved my life is because of it. With a glass kettle, boiling water becomes a whole new experience. You see all the physics happening right there in front of you. The water bubbling and going crazy and if you're really living the dream like we are, you've got a kettle with a neon light so that not only do you have the bubbles, but you have physics and bubbles, sci-fi style.

Seriously. If you don't have a glass kettle you don't know what you're missing. You should be going to bed every night hoping or praying that your existing kettle packs up, so that you have an excuse to get a glass one. The fact that you have to descale it every three days to stop it from looking like crap is a small price to pay - it's that awesome.

{2015.10.14 20:41}

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