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The Bridge II

I read an article a couple of years back which suggested that the popularity of Scandinavian crime novels (and TV dramas by extension) has to do with the fact that they present a dark, perverse alternate reality to the happy, clean and chipper societies they're set in. A necessary yin to all that utopian yang, you might say.

So it's been with The Bridge II, tonight being the last 2 episodes of the series on BBC4. Gripping stuff. Essentially, a story about an enigmatic detective with Asperger's, a condition which helps with the detective work but leaves her a little, uh, adrift in interpersonal matters. Surround said detective with other detectives with issues (lots of issues), and then throw them at some pretty nasty baddies. It started out tense, interesting, then it just got hectic, then twisted, then ended up plain bleak.

I should know better by now, but I was disappointed at how it ended. I suppose one must put on one's sophisticated hat and accept that yee-haw happy endings are not what makes for good TV these days. A pity, because as much as the journey is the entertainment, and the resolution remains resolution no matter how it turns out, I do like happy endings.

Will there be The Bridge III? Without giving away the plot, not sure how that would go.

{2014.02.01 23:42}

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