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Snow watch

After Snowpocalypse there's still snow about, but it's not sticking around for long (sadly).

It seems to have snowed on Friday, although nobody noticed. I popped out to grab takeaways on Friday night. Hrm, that car looks a little iced up, thought I. Then I noticed the snow on the ground on the Chislehurst high street parking lot, and a dusting amongst the trees as I drove through the common.

And now it's been snowing non-stop since about 5 this afternoon, and apparently due to keep going until morning. Partly sleet as well, and it doesn't seem to be settling.

I've realised that the problem is that after some of the awesome snow dumps we've had over the past few years, you end up chasing the dragon, so to speak. Yes, it's snowing, and it's amazing, but ooh-remember-that-time-in-2010 when the snow came down so thick and heavy that you could hear the rustling as it came down and landed, and ooh, I remember when Len and I were out building snow houses and it came down so thick and fast that the missus almost got stuck in Petts Wood, and we were out helping cars sliding along the roads, and ooh, remember a few years back when I walked to the train and it was knee deep, and the snow was still thick a week later, etc etc etc.

Like I say, chasing the dragon. But sitting upstairs and looking out the window, there's a street lamp across the road, framed between the trees, and in the immediate bit of air around the light, you can see the snow flakes coming down, and it's one of my favouritest views, ever.

Update: it snowed through the night, I walked to work while it was snowing, I saw snow falling out of my window the whole morning. There was even a hint of snow drifting down on the way home. It hasn't built up but I can live with that. Lovely.

{2013.02.10 23:40}

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