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On private education and politics

Of course Nick Clegg is a hypocrite if he sends his kid to a private school, but a hypocritical politician is hardly news. And apart from probably ending up divorced if he didn't acquiesce, he's also just being realistic: he's out of a job in 2 years' time, if he lasts that long. He'll be lining up for the speaking circuit or some ridiculously overpaid position in the EU or somewhere and nobody will notice or care enough to make a fuss about the cushy life he leads (to wit: one Anthony Blair). So of course the kids are off to private schools.

Contrast, too, with David Cameron saying he'll send his daughter to a government school because 'there's real improvement taking place.' That's one of the most vacuous things I've heard in ages. It screams politics. You may have good reasons for choosing a government school over a private one, but 'winning votes' shouldn't be one of them.

{2013.01.27 22:07}

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