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Fancy that

Here's an interesting fact: lots of people have switched to plastic chopping boards, believing them to be more hygienic, but it turns out that wooden chopping boards actually hoard less bacteria than plastic chopping boards, quite possibly because wood has natural antibiotic properties.

The M-P household's plastic boards are apparently OK (on account of spending a lot of quality time at high temperatures in the dishwasher), and our wooden boards spend a lot of time on the side of the kitchen sink waiting to be washed. So there.

{2012.12.23 18:32}


1. Ronnie (2012.12.27 - 15:08) #

What about glass?

2. Colin (2012.12.28 - 20:50) #

Glass boards wouldn't have grooves so the bacteria can't accumulate, if I'm not mistaken.

But glass boards would blunt our knives so best we don't get any!

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