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A new coat of paint

This blog's been kicking around for over 9 years. The default 'blue' theme you'd previously see when loading the page had been around since the beginning. The world has moved on a little since then. My tech blog settled for a 'plain' theme, which I liked 7 years ago (and partially still do) but which was also looking a little long in the tooth.

So it was time for a bit of a change to the look of the place. And I sat down one night this week and fired up the fancy web dev tools that now come out the box in Firefox and Chromium, and started fiddling, and tweaking, and before I knew it, I had something that looks a little more contemporary.

I ain't saying it's cutting edge, mind, nor that it's the best-looking theme in the whole world, but it's simple and clean and although I might fiddle and faff a little longer, I think it'll do. Hope you don't find it too ugly.

{2012.10.28 22:06}

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