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I got to see Hull this weekend. I had a great time. My first experience of 'up North.'

In particular:

  • Hull town center has the highest concentration of pubs I have ever seen. And the majority are ancient and full of character. You could do a full-blown pub crawl without ever crossing a road.

  • populace with the highest concentration of tattoos I have ever seen.

  • I got to see (and experience) the kind of Victorian architecture I didn't think actually existed outside of old movies. Awesome.

  • Hull does not have a happy economy. Sad, and I don't know how it ever gets better.

  • rain. Real, heavy, rain, and real rain clouds that you can see coming and which stick around for long enough to make the point. That's something you don't get much in London. Hard to believe a few hundred miles could make such a difference.

{2012.08.28 20:38}

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