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Olympics retrospective

So, that was the Olympics. Thoughts and recollections:

  • contrary to our worst fears, it turned out that Olympic tourists had amazing commuter-repellant properties, and the train rides to and from work were a breeze each day. I miss them already. I wonder whether the Paralympics will see so many people choosing to stay away. Not likely, I don't think.

  • I think the UK, and particularly London, did itself proud. People were friendly and the whole place just seemed happy.

  • Bert le Clos made me feel proud to be a South African.

  • we got to see an Olympic event: Taekwondo, and we got to see Jade Jones whup some poor aunty's ass in the early rounds. I now understand what home crowd advantage means. When you're in a room with a few thousand people all cheering for your opponent, it must trigger some deep psychological stuff centred around 'roll over and play nice doggie and maybe you get out alive.'

  • I've enjoyed the extended trading hours on Sundays.

  • I have a strange hankering for McDonalds.

{2012.08.14 21:58}

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