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More 'lympics

  • some chop of a Tory MP moaned about 'leftie multicultural crap' on Twitter on Friday night prompting a huge backlash and now eeeeverybody loves them some NHS. Well, I ain't fussed about multiculturalism, and one sure as hell didn't have to be a right winger or a blue-rinsed Tory to think that the ceremony had a strong political slant.

  • the Olympic spirit: you devote yourself to your sport. You train and work harder than most human beings can even conceive of doing. In your discipline, you prove yourself to be the fourth best person ON THE WHOLE PLANET, and the newspapers say you flopped.

  • the trains weren't so bad today. Cannon Street was well-prepared, with cordons and a cohort of pink-vested people trying to look approachable and not bored. The rest of the City was rather quiet. This is apparently because many commuters stayed home, fearing the worst. So now the risk is that all the stay-at-homers will see on the news that things weren't so bad, and all try to cram onto the trains tomorrow.

{2012.07.30 22:37}

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