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Trivia of the day

The world is full of Spaghetti Junctions, but the original Spaghetti Junction is in Birmingham, and turned 40 today.

More: Spaghetti Junctions, and if you want to get all anorak about it, more on stack interchanges.

Speaking of anoraks, just stop for a moment and think that someone, somewhere, was keeping track of the anniversary of that junction. Maybe there're souls in local government somewhere whose job it is to keep track of the anniversaries of landmarks and public works, and then... what? Tell important people who decide to hold ceremonies or send heads-ups to the press? Just picture that job: "ooh, old Bill's had a bumper month, two comprehensives, a high street re-paving and the 40th anniversary of the Original Spaghetti junction! Don't get more exciting than that!"

Right, back to the books with me.

{2012.05.25 09:27}

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