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We marked the start of the Hottest! October! Evar! by paying a visit to Lullingstone Country Park, which, like most country parks is a mix of woods and lovely countryside and a stream and some hint of beautiful Victorian architecture (in this case Lullingstone Not-A-Freakin'-Castle), and for a deviation from the norm, a golf course, replete with bunny wabbits cooling in the shade at the 7th tee.

Now there are only two things I want to know:

  1. Today was hot, but if the Met is predicting that this is truly going to be the Hottest! October! Evar! then do we have any grounds for believing them? Does it mean we'll have snow by next Saturday?

  2. If this does turn out to be the Hottest! October! Evar! then does that mean we're in for a snowless winter? Please no!

{2011.10.01 20:54}


1. Ronwen (2011.10.02 - 13:39) #

*through gritted teeth* It IS a castle.

2. Colin (2011.10.02 - 23:30) #

I concede. But when the 'fortified home' is little more than a posh country manor with a crenellated gatehouse and a red brick wall that would do a lousy job of keeping juvenile apple thieves at bay, then one really is straying into not-very-castle-y territory, no matter how actually-a-castle it otherwise is.

3. Ronwen (2011.10.03 - 06:46) #

Pfffffffffff. Before this you didn't even know what "crenellated" meant. ;)

It hurts being wrong, doesn't it?

4. Colin (2011.10.04 - 20:21) #

A bookish kid who grew up in the 80s playing D&D knows what crenellated means :-)

(I know I'm wrong, but the fortifications were nonetheless unconvincing!)

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