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It's complicated

This chap has the most sensible take on the riots I've read thus far:

It's the welfare state! It's the cuts! It's Labour subsidising single mothers! It's Thatcher undermining society! It's Left, it's Right, it's liberal intelligentsia, it's conservative callousness, it's Their Fault, it's Their Fault, it's Their Fault.

Well worth reading the entire thing. My only gripe, as always, would be to point out that left/right is missing a whole nother dimension.

{2011.08.11 20:36}


1. Kerry (2011.08.12 - 13:03) #


"Comi G says:
August 11, 2011 at 9:07 am

I bin avin nun of dis rite? I bin well represed, my naybor Dan dun av 2 big screen tv sets an e dun av a job and no1 dun be givin dat 2 me. Well I not been puttin up wiv de opression of my masses so I dun set is ouse on fire and make it well burn. Den I did show my own initiatif and liberate a Pioneer Home Theater system from dat Paki capitalist pig down de road wot opressed me by makin me feel inadequate. Sore point. Right? Right. Den my mate Mello dun bring me an his 14 year old girlfrend an 4 year old son down to de riots to toast some marshmallos what we freed from de opression of de vending machine on a car wot we ad to set on fire and it were well fun. Wez tired ov been on de outside lukin in an avin to av sex all day to make babys to pay de rent, and de time az come to invite a new forward finkin govenment in2 powa wot will give uz cush jobz and big screen tvs, for else we suffer unda de brutal opression of not avin Sky an avin to watch de match of de day on BBC. I ope NATO doz well send in elp for us rebelz an doz some airdrops of D&G sweatshirts cos I do well be need doze."

2. Colin (2011.08.12 - 23:49) #

Brilliant! That whole discussion thread is. The local debates and arguments over the riots would be much enhanced if they had an expression even remotely close in sentiment to 'kak man.'

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