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The weekend's news

  • Kicking in a window and making off with a flat screen TV is not a good way to show the world how oppressed you are. The good residents of Tottenham probably have a legitimate beef about how they're treated, but their cause isn't helped when a bunch of thugs get carried away. The problem is, the kind of dysfunctional community where this stuff kicks off is not the kind of community that is equipped to deal with its troublemakers, but at the same time the cops (a) aren't being harsh enough or alternatively (b) are part of the problem. What do you do?

  • Some people might ask who the fsck Carol Vorderman is to be writing serious reports on behalf of the government, but nooo, not I. If Carol Vorderman says that we should be studying more maths well then, I think we should just just do it: scrap prime time TV and run maths lessons for 2 hours every night, if she thinks that's best. And I, for one, applaud David Cameron for so boldly moving the government away from the gimmicky and celebrity-soaked BS that typified how things were when Labour was running the show.

  • Polar bears are big and capable of killing people and aren't very good readers, so it's altogether understandable that one or two might not have paid much heed to the 'be nice to interlopers' memo that presumably got sent around before hiking parties started marching all over their turf. Of course it's tragic that some kid got killed, but it's not as if the polar bear shuffled up the driveway, shimmied up a drainpipe, crawled through an open first floor window and savaged the kid in his bed. Some perspective would be helpful.

  • Every time you think that Boris is an eeejit along comes Ken Livingstone and reminds you of how much worse it could be. Didn't take long before Ken blamed the riots on the spending cuts. 'Cause you know, things were just *awesome* in Tottenham before May last year, and as the good people of Greece and Ireland and Portugal (and now Italy and Spain and even, to some extent, the US) are finding out, it ain't no big thang, no really it ain't, if you keep spending until the credit cards get maxed out. Especially when the politicians who got you into the mess can blame everything on the people who've come in to clean up the mess they left behind.

  • John Malkovich a libertarian?

  • And I haven't even said anything about the stock market. Just an ugly wobble, or will the world be an entirely different place in a week's time?

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