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Something else I'd forgotten is that the 'borrower nor a lender' line from Hamlet is close to another rather famous line: This above all: to thine ownself be true. A line for which the words 'wise' and 'hackneyed' compete to be the best adjectives.

I'm betraying my age but if memory serves I first learned that line from Bowser in an episode of Sha Na Na. Sadly, neither YouTube nor the Internet at large have any recollection of it. What good is the Internet really, then? You can see a lot of Sha Na Na on YouTube though... although I wouldn't say I recommend it.

What was quite interesting was reading about the group on Wikipedia, particularly where many of the 5,000 former band members have ended up. Doctors, lawyers, professors, some still performing, and one poor bugger whose 'whereabouts today are unclear.'

{2011.08.06 21:15}

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