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The headlines today

  • It's something when a former Labour health minister excoriates the Tories and Lib Dems for how badly they've ballsed up NHS reforms (not because he likes the socialist utopia that is the NHS, but because he believes the reforms needed to happen).

  • There's nothing wrong with teachers (in particular) looking after themselves, but there's nothing wrong with getting hard-arsed with them if they're costing too much and delivering too little, either. Given the doldrums everyone seems to believe British education is in, you can be forgiven for wondering whether the teaching profession shares some of the blame. Reward for failure? This is obviously unfair to the many individual teachers who work hard and give their all, but unions tend to take a dim view of individualism, so I see nothing wrong in taking a dim view of unionised teachers, either.

  • Northern Rock to be privatised again. If George Osborne wants to 'increase competition' on the high street, he could start by making it easier for new banks to start up. In crony capitalist speak, 'increase competition' means the exact opposite: 'protect entrenched interests.'

  • The Greek bailout dramas show just how unhealthy the eurozone is. I think the politicians hope it'll all hang together, but at some point you have to recognise that the drugs and machines aren't going to resuscitate the patient, they're just creating a very expensive zombie, who might wake up one day and eat your face for breakfast.

{2011.06.15 22:02}

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