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The poor smurfs. I remember when they were all about teh gay because there were only male smurfs (except for Smurfette of course), and then they were all about teh Satan because Papa Smurf was taking the place of God, and who knows what else.

Now it's racism and anti-semitism. Maybe the dude's right, although perhaps the smurfs are just the smurfs, and the real problem is that people be hatin' on them 'cause they iz blue.

(Fwiw, I did see a copy of Tintin in a bookshop a few months ago with a red wrapper saying something along the lines of 'this book depicts some ethnic groups based on colonial attitudes from a different time, may cause offense'. When you're not the one being offended you might think it's political correctness gone mad, but I can imagine for a lot of people some depictions from popular fiction aren't so innocuous at all).

{2011.06.03 22:49}

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