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Censorship. History.

A few nights ago I had a YouTube playlist going in the background, and suddenly there were a few Doors songs. Not a bad thing, I like the Doors. One of the tracks was Break On Through. What made me do a double-take was instead of hearing the usual lyrics 'She get, she get, she get,' (which never made sense, but hey) there was Jim Morrison singing 'She get high, she get high, she get high.' (thanks, YouTube.)

WTF? thought I. My first reaction was 'feckin' South African censors'. But it turns out that's what the whole world heard - Elektra (the record label) censored the song back in 1967. The album was remastered in 1999 and 'she get high' got added back. All versions since have the uncensored 'she get high.' Also, apparently, you can no longer buy the original version anywhere.

(As a bonus tie-in to the recent Blade Runner mention: Ridley Scott released Blade Runner: The Director's Cut in the early 90s, and until as recently as the early 00's (as I recall, based on searching around a few years ago), you couldn't buy the original version on DVD. I see now, though, that you can buy a collector's edition containing all 5 versions. Five!)

{2011.03.05 22:19}

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