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So that was that. Now it's over for a while.

I finished the exam late morning, then did something I've been wanting to do for ages - walk from one side of Kensington Gardens to the other end of Hyde Park. It was cool in a London park kind of way - which is to say cold, dreary, the grass green with a hint of mud, rows of skeletal trees, getting hazier as they march off into the distance. And the neverending roar of traffic.

Ended up walking even further across London, treated myself to lunch and a pint, then came home.

Now... what? I'm feeling oddly decompressy-at-odds. I feel like I should be feeling guilty about something. Like there's a reason I can't just sit down and do bugger-all for the evening.

Although, actually. Family back on Saturday. The house needs some sprucing up. Admin ignored for six months and more. Time go get cracking!

{2011.02.21 20:00}

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