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Enough already

Last exam for the year approaches. Onto the final bit of work, which I haven't touched since August/September last year - which I recall was a blur of assignments and visitors from abroad and job interviews and oh-Jesus-I-don't-know-wtf's-happening-with-this-stuff all rather typical of the non-year that was 2010.

I digress. I see a question in the textbook about some hairy topic and think 'no freaking way,' and only later do I realise that this was an assignment question, and I'd answered it back then. My assignment workings have lots of bits scratched out and arrows linking up calculations and a reasonable attempt to make the flow of logic sensible, for when I typed it up to hand it in.

Problem is I don't remember ever doing the question, and I have no clue how I went about solving the problem in the first place. I can't find study notes suggesting I'd ever made sense of that section of work. It looks completely impenetrable to me now.


{2011.02.19 20:09}


1. sal (2011.02.20 - 23:14) #

dude. i keep telling you. if you get stuck, you only have to ask, k?

2. Colin (2011.02.21 - 19:53) #

I know, I know, but one doesn't like to be an imposition...

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