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Exam and smell

First one down. Not too bad (I'm trying not to sound too surprised).

UNISA's exam venue in London is a church hall in Kensington. For the past 4 years that I've been to the venue, there's been a particular kind of soap in the gents. It has a distinct smell. Some kind of flower. I recognise the smell, I like the smell, it takes me back somewhere.

Problem is, I quite literally mean somewhere because I can't place it. I get a whiff and it smells so familiar, and I try to picture myself smelling that smell in the past, hoping for a flashback. Home? School? Work somewhere? Someone's home? I have no idea and it bugs the hell out of me each year.

I'm tempted to spritz a sample to bring home and make all my friends and family smell it to see if they recognise it. I really wish I knew where that damned smell was from.

{2011.01.31 22:54}

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