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Thee first 2011 bike ride

Today was the first bike ride of 2011. I've only ridden a handful of times this winter... just too damned cold. But I bought the final bits of winter clothing over Christmas, and today I got to try them out. Buff for the neck and lower face, ear-covering beanie for the noggin, and big bulky overshoes to keep my tootsies dry and warm. Pickings are slim when you have size 13 feet, and I'm reduced to wearing an overpriced pair of what look like a cross between Ugg boots and crime scene slippers.

Still, I was warm enough and now I have no excuses. Given how much fitness I've lost and how tender the pressure points are feeling, I'd say 'yay' but that would be a lie.

{2011.01.11 15:49}

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