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2010 and 2011

Pedantry aside, 2010 came and went, very quickly for me. It was a good year, all told. I cycle-commuted lots, and shed a few pounds. I cut my hair and got respectable. I had a great job, then got another great job. There was lots of snow in Jan/Feb and Nov/Dec. These made 2010 a good year, as years go.

On the down side, I studied and studied and studied, and studied and studied, and studied and studied and studied. Part of me enjoys it; it's been satisfying when I haven't been feeling utterly thick and out of my depth, but it's also started getting a Bit Much. In fact, I've had about enough of it. The perpetual state of working or feeling guilty about not working is a place I've been before and I don't like being there now. I bit off a bit more than I've been able to chew, and I'll be glad when it's over.

And for 2011? Exams soon, bah. If those go well then I've got 2 subjects left for 2011 and they'll be less stressful. Studies aside, no great plans. Slow down a little, relax more, get on top of the admin, keep cycling, floss more. The usual.

{2011.01.03 13:20}

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