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The day's news

  • The EU bans herbal remedies. A free market fairy has died in the Amazon. The corporations are very pleased, and the Guardian will turn eurosceptic any moment now.

  • Northern Ireland's water company is state owned. According to a BBC report tonight, their own regulator says they're 40% less efficient than their counterparts elsewhere. I'll never grumble about the UK's privatised-but-shafting-consumers-with-the-state's-protection excuse for water companies again.

  • Is it fair to call the crowd of people deciding whether people should get the flu jab a death panel? If flu's so deadly, why not?

  • A classical optimisation problem: good health vs state pensions. Fat people and smokers incur greater healthcare costs but they die sooner. Can society afford for everyone to live to 100?

  • Not to make light of a terrible murder, but some faces are a physiognomist's delight.

  • Tories shrink the state for ideological reasons, Labour grows the state for ideological reasons. Then they fling poo at each other. GOTO 10.

  • Heh heh. The most amusing thing I've read today:

    The Vatican Bank - known officially as the Institute for Works of Religion
    Does the Pope have to wait in line at the ATM like everybody else?

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