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Weekend snow report

While the SNOW CHAOS!! continues and ruins Christmases across the country, I should report that my son and I are still enjoying it tremendously (I advisedly leave out other members of the household who are getting a little Tired Of It).

We had a new blast of snow on Friday. Thankfully cleared up by the time I came home, but leaving a nice dusting for effect.

It started snowing lightly on Saturday, so Leo and I ventured out and played in the snow on the lawns out front. We did this because in my books being out while it's snowing is something I never got to do in the first three-plus decades of my life, and now's the time to catch up. Neighbours looking out the windows probably thought we were nuts but at least we had the snow to ourselves (and just as well, doesn't take much for any discussion with most neighbours to descend into What Is This Country Coming To? discussions about the SNOW CHAOS!!).

We had great fun, building snow houses, throwing snow-balls at trees and each other, etc etc. At some point I realised the snow was coming down pretty heavily, looked up at the road and it was covered in a layer of snow, with cars having a tough time getting anywhere. No problem for us, but more of a problem for other members of the household who were still doing their shopping at Morrisons while this was happening. Thankfully everyone Got Home Safely.

More light snow Sunday afternoon, so Leo and I ventured out again, this time out into the countryside (cue benefits of living around the corner from green belt etc etc). It's amazing how many yellow spots you see in the snow. Taught child to avoid yellow spots. Made our way to favourite railway bridge, soaked up the scenery. Tried to wavey-arm show the snow-covered hillsides and woods and farmhouse and explain to my son just what a magical experience this was, he was more taken by some snow on a branch. He's three and a half, what can you do? Walked to station to meet mother who was heading home from London. Mother Not Happy With The Weather.

Needless to say, SNOW CHAOS!! meant that SouthEastern Fail failed again this morning, and this afternoon. Got into work, but not without considerable inconvenience and delay. Certain members of the household not impressed when I grumble about SouthEastern Fail. She has a point; it's snow, it continues to be awesome and it still beats the hell out of a Highveld Winter any day.

{2010.12.20 14:06}


1. Ronwen (2010.12.20 - 14:48) #

My name is Ronwen. ;)

2. sal (2010.12.20 - 17:08) #

i *had* been wondering who he could possibly have been referring to...

3. Ronwen (2010.12.22 - 11:37) #

Me too. I was wondering who this grumpy Individual was.........But then I realised that it was the Individual who had to do all the grocery shopping, get the kid to nursery, make sure all the presents were bought and delivered, mop up the melted snow in the entrance hall, keep a child with cabin fever happy, etc etc. ;)

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