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First snow

Cold it may be, but all it takes is the thrill of the snow to make the cold-grumps go away. When I left for work this morning the snow was an inch or two deep, by the time I got home and after a full day's snowing it looked like it was getting closer to a foot deep in Bickley. It snowed the whole day in the City but nothing settled.

Amazingly, my train arrived on time this morning. By this evening SouthEastern Fail was back to form and everything was fecked. It's not so much that trains are delayed or that trips are cancelled, it's that everything just falls apart. Trains are announced as being on time until 15 minutes after they should've arrived, after which they get marked as cancelled. Or phantom journeys that appear and disappear.

I made my way from Cannon Street, which was just borked but at least orderly, to London Bridge which was outright mayhem. The platforms were packed, the concourses were crammed, it was a mission just to get from one platform to another. A fight nearly broke out in the concourse, people were aggro, a total mess. Even when a train did arrive, it was already bursting at the seams from the earlier stops before anyone from London Bridge could squeeze on. And on top of all of that, the stupid-ass "this is an important safety announcement..." looping endlessly. I eventually gave up and made my way back to Charing Cross where at least I got onto a train, got a seat, and was finally home an hour and a half late.

But as I say, the thrill of trudging home from the station through the snow made it all worthwhile. First snow of the year. Yay!

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