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Since the Times went behind a paywall I rely on the Telegraph and the Guardian to find out what's going down in the world. Despite considering myself neither left- nor right-leaning, I find the Torygraph less irritating than the Grauniad. Even so, I figure that between the biases of the two I get a fairly balanced view of the news.

For example:

The Guardian: Ireland bailout protest draws 100,000 to Dublin streets

One of the largest demonstrations in the Irish Republic's history brought more than 100,000 people onto Dublin's streets yesterday in protest over the international bailout and four years of austerity ahead.

The Telegraph: 50,000 protest Irish bail out

Around 50,000 people turned out for the march through the Irish capital as protesters vented their anger at the four year austerity plan, which includes proposals to slash the number of public sector jobs and increase taxes.

So I'm going for a turnout of about 75,000.

{2010.11.27 14:32}

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