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I am personally convinced of that fact

Oh boy, how much more fun would UK politics be if someone like Sarkozy was kicking around:

Mr Sarkozy is then reported to have launched into a tirade about press ethics and the use of unnamed sources. "You say ridiculous things. You check nothing," he said to the journalist who asked the question.

"I have nothing against you but it seems that you are a paedophile. I am personally convinced of that fact. I have spoken to the security services but I won't tell you which ones. I have seen someone but it was just a verbal exchange. But now I am personally convinced that you are a paedophile."

After a stunned silence, the briefing moved on to other subjects. Before he left, President Sarkozy is reported to have said to the journalists: "So long paedophiles, see you tomorrow."

(I think I understand the point he was trying to make but it's far more entertaining to picture him just insulting someone).

{2010.11.24 14:41}

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