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In the City

So aaaanyway, I started a new job a few weeks ago. My previous gig was awesome, and I hope the new one will be even more awesome. So far so good.

The big deal I guess is that it's in The City, which in London/UK-speak means I'm now working 'in finance', and more particularly, in the centre of London. My friends are now teasing me about being a banker. Given how well bankers are supposedly paid and how they get to feast on the tenderest flesh of newborn kittens and stuff, all I can say is 'I wish'.

Still, my blogging policy (per my disclaimer) has been to avoid talking about my job or my 'industry.' Easy to avoid talking about my job, but now my 'industry' is something I've had great fun writing about in the past and I'm not sure I want to give it up. I think, should the occasion to express an opinion arise, I'll choose my words and tone carefully.

The City itself, physically and sociologically, is quite something. More on that another time.

{2010.10.27 14:52}

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