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Ed the Red

I think it's a difficult place to be, elected leader of a party just booted out of government, with the thinnest of majorities and the only crowd who nudged you through being trade unions, especially when they're already bragging about how they got their 'funded' MPs to change their votes in favour of you. Of course the competition are going to say 'Ed' and 'trade union' in the same sentence as often as they can, and why wouldn't they?

You could, if you had a taste for intrigue, imagine that brother David is feeling more than a bit betrayed by his brother (and broadly, his party) right now. You do not become a cabinet minister by turning the other cheek at the best of times, how worse the emotions when it's a sibling who's destroyed your dreams? The Evening Standard's leading article tonight was about how David Miliband nobly, artfully, and enthusiastically pissed on his brother's parade at the conference today. That may just be some narrative-hunting by the papers, but I'm not so sure. I wonder how much more of that is yet to come?

{2010.09.27 15:04}

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