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Milk snatchers

Few topics lend themselves to such rich imagery. 'Milk snatching' Tories with fangs and red veiny eyeballs and pointy tails, horned shadows cast large on the wall, long, searching fingers reaching to take the sippy-cup from the plastic-lined table in the nursery, while little Alphonse sits, powerless, traumatised, wailing at the sheer injustice and impending malnutrition of it all.

So no surprise that Dave nixed the idea. Yet the majority of UK parents can afford to keep their kids tanked up on plenty more than a third-pint of moojuice a day, and all this free milk to those who don't need it reduces how much is available to help those who need it most. Given these two things, I'm hard pressed to see what moral justification there is for providing such a 'universal' benefit.

{2010.08.08 17:40}

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