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World Cup

Well, Bafana Bafana scored the first goal of the World Cup, and they did pretty good. People weren't expecting great things of them but they did 'emselves proud.

It's strange seeing back home through the eyes of British TV. There was a Channel 4 thing earlier this week where the reporter was talking about Yeoville, and he said something along the lines of '20 years ago this neighbourhood was white and posh and now it's vibrant and blah blah', or something like that, and I thought dude, I lived there for a stretch in the 90s, and it wasn't anything near posh and it wasn't exclusively 'white' either. But for a while it was a vibrant and really cool place to live, and if you think it's that awesome now why don't you flog your flat in Putney and find yourself a nice little pozzie a few blocks up from Rockey Street with a toilet that hasn't flushed since the turn of the century, a crack dealer for a neighbour on one side and 15 impoverished and brutalised illegal immigrants squished into the flat on the other side, and let's see how much you like it in 6 months' time.

You don't want the world's overriding impression to be that of a crime-ridden dump, and yet I think it would be wrong, an injustice if people came away from the World Cup thinking or believing the pretence that everything was hunky dory or going to be made OK because a few football games were held in the country.

Also, I must admit to not quite getting the dung beetle. What was that about?

{2010.06.11 16:14}

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