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Election 2010

It's incredibly unfair that Labour and the Lib Dems could end up with an equal number of votes, but with Labour having 3 times as many seats in parliament. It rankles, and given that our borough is likely to be a safe Tory seat, I briefly wondered this morning whether to vote Lib Dem as a 'protest vote'.

I like the Lib Dems when they talk about civil liberties, I like it when they have sensible views on things like immigration and schools and not invading other countries. I like it when they say they want to reduce the tax burden for the least well off and I respect the fact that they'd probably slash corporate welfare long before they start nibbling away at social welfare. In many ways they all seem like nice people.

I don't like the Lib Dems when Vince Cable starts squawking his anti-wealth, anti-market rhetoric, though. I don't like the Lib Dems when they're pro EU, when they think joining the Euro was and probably still is a good idea, and I don't like the Lib Dems when a great many in their ranks would rather side with Labour than with the Tories in a hung parliament.

So yep. While Greece goes up in flames, a bunch of Euro-sceptic hardarses who're 'ideologically' predisposed to hacking away chunks of government in order to balance the UK's books again don't seem like such a bad prospect to me. I might not agree with many of their policies, they might be so centrist and similar to the other parties as to render most of this academic, they may be a party of posh people and nasty people and whatever else, but if they can clean up the mess that a Big State Labour government has left behind, then the Conservatives get my vote.

{2010.05.05 15:41}

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