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Times, interesting

From June, the Times is going to start charging for access. I'd normally have linked to the article but now there's not much point. I enjoy reading the Times, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay to read it online. Call me cheap, but there are plenty of other free online newspapers, and as long as they're free, I'll stick with them. And when they're all charging for access, maybe I'll subscribe to one, or more likely, I'll spend less time giving a shit about what's going on in the world and more time actually get some work done.

Also, I often link to articles in the Times, and it's not that I think I'm offering some kind of Links For Discerning Types establishment here, but paywalls mean it's not worth linking to the site because people might not be able to read the articles. Another annoying thing is that all the articles I've linked to in the past will now be unaccessible. And that's not cool, either.

Ah well.

{2010.03.26 16:25}

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