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Wind farms

I'm firmly in the 'wind farms are a way for governments to enrich an interest group' camp. It would be great if they provided cheap electricity in an eco-friendly way, but they don't. They're neither cheap nor eco-friendly.

One way in that they're not eco-friendly, it turns out, is that they're especially bad for birds of prey:

There is plenty of evidence for the worldwide scale of this tragedy. The world's largest and most carefully monitored wind farm, Altamont Pass in California, is estimated to have killed between 2,000 and 3,000 golden eagles alone in the past 20 years. Since turbines were erected on the isle of Smola, off Norway, home to an important population of white-tailed sea eagles, destruction is so great that last year only one chick survived. Thanks to wind farms in Tasmania, a unique sub-species of wedge-tailed eagles faces extinction. And here in Britain, plans to build eight wind farms on the Hebridean islands, among Scotland's largest concentration of golden eagles, now pose a major threat to the species' survival in the UK.

{2010.03.13 15:18}

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