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The Euro

The Euro was never a good idea, for the same reason that a bunch of pro cyclists and 40-fags-a-day weekend hobbyists going on a round-the-world bike tour would never be a good idea. Left to their own pace, everyone might get to where they're going, eventually, but keeping everyone together could only end in tears (and most likely for the unhealthiest).

This article is an interesting round-up of last week's wrangling. Now, I don't blame German citizens for wanting Greece thrown out of the Euro, but I also don't blame Greek citizens for being a little bit upset at what's expected of them, given that no other country would dream of doing the same thing if they were in the same boat (and let's be honest, many European countries including the UK aren't far off).

What it boils down is that, as usual, citizens across Europe have been conned and shafted by their politicians. Then again, they elected them.

Update: Bah, that's neither fair nor true, really. I'm just being a grump.

{2010.02.15 16:38}

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