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Adieu summer

Our holiday was a nice way to close off the summer. A chapter closed, if you will. More like a huge 2,000 page hardcover textbook slammed shut vehemently by some little miscreant at school, crushing poor Johnnie's fingers in the process. Now he'll never be a guitar legend, and in 30 years' time he'll be up to little more than the occasional arthritic strum on a dodgy nylon-stringed guitar, sitting in a damp room with peeling wallpaper, a mangy cat that shits in the corners, a drinking problem and thinking of what might have been. That sort of closed chapter.

Now the weather's turned for the worse (not that I'm complaining), we're planning on moving soon, Ronwen has exams coming up, I have assignments up the yazoo and life has suddenly become tremendously hectic.

{2009.10.11 17:04}

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