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Heavy weather

So that was quite a week, weather-wise. I loved it to bits, although it wasn't without its frustrations. It started snowing last Sunday. I got up extra early on Monday morning, thinking I'd get to the train station before the rush started. This thinking didn't factor in the fact that SouthEastern are an INCOMPETENT OVERPRICED EPITOME OF FAIL. Empty station, no trains, a bunch of commuters milling around thinking 'oh well, now what?'

Since most of the neighbourhood was still unspoiled, I trudged home through the heavy snow via the scenic route, which included me wading through deep snow drifts and scooping up handfuls of virgin snow and generally having a ball. Magical.

The downside of VPN connectivity means you get to sit at home and work on days when everyone else is out building snowmen.

By Tuesday SouthEastern managed to provide a half-hourly (which meant: hour-and-a-halfly) service into London. I was lucky enough to be one of the poor buggers on one of the two different trains which both packed up at Elmstead Woods station at the same time, blocking up an entire branch of SouthEastern's network. 4 hours to get to work. Yay.

Since then the week's improved commute-wise, if you exclude the fact that the pavements in our neighbourhood have turned into slippery deathtraps. Still, it's snow and ice and nothing like anything I ever experienced growing up, so I'm still enjoying it, and I'm going to keep enjoying it until every last patch of white disappears.

The only down side to this being the heaviest snow London's seen in 18 years, is that it might take 18 years for it to happen again.

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