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lotsa boxes

Our goodies from South Africa got delivered today. Ouch. Our flat seems fair-sized by UK standards, moreso by modern Joburg matchbox townhouse standards, but our duplex in Northcliff was huge, and over the years, we filled it up.

We flogged the bulk of our furniture when we left, so the majority of items on our 7 page inventory list were boxes. Around 40 boxes make up our book collection (precioussss, precioussss!), and another 50 or 60 are CDs and DVDs and clothes and kitchen and personal crap. We're too sentimental for our own good. We're on a short lease here, so there's no point in unpacking the whole lot now (even if it could fit, which it won't). The plan is to unpack and check everything to make sure it survived the globe-trotting, extract things we really need and want, and then re-pack, re-seal and store the rest until we're in digs which are a little more... spacious.

We got by rather well without our stuff, and in many ways bootstrapping from nothing in a new place was good mental and spiritual housekeeping, but I must say, it's pretty damned comforting to know that everything's with us again.

{2007.02.22 23:28}

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